Dental Care in Buenos Aires

It is widely known that for the patient dental care represents a stressing situation, whether it is for previously bad experiences, fear of pain, a sensation of vulnerability, uncertainty, insecurity, or many other reasons.

Buenos Aires cosmetic dentist Dr. Samuel Pelcman and his staff have found that the best way to fight all of these is through communication. A fluent communication relies not only on us, but also on you. It is our responsibility to make you feel comfortable so that you let us know your doubts and fears related to the dental treatment. It is an obligation from the professional to explain and make emphasis on your specific fears, before and during the treatment. The fewer feelings the patient hides from the professional, the softer the tension between both will be. This will diminish the uncertainty, will improve your trusting, and there will consequently be a lower level of stress during the treatment.

The stimulus of communication encourages the patient to acquire an active role in the treatment. This is a concept of crucial importance for the success of the treatment, and it is important not only in the clinic, but also outside from it. Collaboration during the treatment makes it easier, more agile, and pleasant. Your participation outside the clinic -for instance maintaining a proper hygiene, or consulting the Dentist for any doubts- avoids problems in the short and long term.

Another advantage of accomplishing a fluent communication is that it allows us to foster a clearer idea of the results after the treatment on you. Being aware of the limits that the treatment presents avoids false expectations and the consequent disillusions. Even if the results are optimum, if there is an improper communication, the patient could be dissatisfied with them simply because they were not what he was expecting.

The grade of difficulty to have a good communication is determined by the capability and willingness of both the professional and the patient to listen and explain. If it is necessary to make an effort to contribute to the fluent communication, it will absolutely worth it.

Drs. Pelcman’s Practice is a leading provider of restorative and cosmetic dentistry, specializing in dental implants in Argentina. Over the past 35 years the practice has provided top-quality care to Buenos Aires teeth whitening, root canal therapy and dental crowns patients by fostering open communication throughout each dental appointment. Contact the practice today to schedule a consultation.