Teeth Whitening in Buenos Aires

Whitening is a treatment used to lighten the shade of the teeth for aesthetic reasons. Argentina cosmetic dentist Dr. Pelcman uses different methods to achieve that goal which can be divided into mechanical, chemical and physical.

Teeth Whitening Treatment Options

The first one corresponds to porcelain crowns and veneers; the whitening, in this case, is permanent. The second one uses chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide in high concentrations which releases oxygen and, as oxygen is a small molecule, it can diffuse into the enamel and disband the chemical compounds that provoke the stains. The third option utilizes a laser or a plasma lamp in order to activate a bleaching agent that is placed on your teeth.

All the above mentioned options for teeth whitening are available at Drs. Pelcman’s Practice and they are performed by trained specialists.

Mechanical method: porcelain crowns & veneers

Physical teeth whitening treatment

The one used at Drs. Pelcman’s Practice is ZOOM II and utilizes a plasma lamp. Before the procedure begins, the current shade of the teeth is registered and a picture is taken. The front teeth are cleaned and a rubber dam is placed in order to separate them from the gums. The bleaching agent is put on the teeth and the plasma lamp is activated. The patient wears specially provided glasses while the plasma lamp is on, so that the eyes are not damaged. Finally, the bleaching agent and the rubber dam are removed, and a new record of your teeth shade is taken along with a new picture.

The procedure lasts 1 hour and the results are spectacular and immediate. The whitening lasts up to 2 years without any special care. It can last much longer if you also add custom-made whitening trays which can be done after taking impressions.

Chemical teeth whitening treatment

The procedure of this method is similar to the physical method, with the obvious exception that the plasma lamp is not used. The results are also very good, but they don’t last as long. In most cases the whitening starts fading away in 6 months, but, if special care is taken with whitening mouthwashes and/or toothpastes, it can last longer.

The dentists at Drs. Pelcman’s Practice are leading cosmetic and restorative dentistry professionals. Over the years they have helped many Argentina dental implants, porcelain veneers and teeth whitening patients regain confidence in their smiles. In addition, they perform treatments necessary for the maintenance of a healthy smile, such as periodontal care and root canal therapy.