Root Canal Therapy in Buenos Aires

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is a treatment that consists of removing diseased pulp of the tooth, cleaning the root canals and filling them. This treatment is performed by endodontists when the pulp of the tooth has an irreversible condition and, if left on its own, will rot or fall out. Root canals are primordial in prosthetic treatments. Their correct performance is basic for the good prognosis of the tooth.

When Should I get a Root Canal?

Below are some of the many indications that a root canal treatment may be necessary:

  • pulp exposures due to fractures
  • caries that reach the pulp
  • blows to the tooth that cause the death of the pulp
  • the need of a post to make a crown (when the crown of the tooth is too destroyed to hold a crown)
  • defective previous root canal

After the root canal has been performed or if the tooth already had a root canal, the tooth is prepared to receive the post. An impression is taken and goes to the dental lab. A temporary crown is also attached to the prepared tooth. On the following appointment, a post is cemented and prepared to receive the crown.

Endodontic Posts

Posts are cast metal elements that are anchored inside the roots of the teeth. They allow very damaged teeth to recuperate the lost structure of the teeth and it makes them suitable for receiving a porcelain crown. Posts are made only in teeth that have a root canal previously done. An example of their use is in teeth that, due to a root canal treatment have lost a considerable part of the crown.