Orthodontics in Buenos Aires

The correct positioning of teeth has not only aesthetic relevance, but also influences the chewing, the mechanic protection of teeth and allows a better resistance to plaque.

Who is a Candidate for Invisalign?

The most common concern for patients regarding orthodontics is the uncomfortable feeling of having visible braces on teeth. However, in some cases, there are alternative solutions that can be useful for the patient, such as lingual orthodontics, in which the brackets are laid out behind teeth, or Invisalign, a transparent apparatus customizable to the patient used to correct slightly inaccurate disposition of dentures.

Dr. Samuel Pelcman is a well-known Buenos Aires cosmetic dentist who provides a number of leading-edge oral health treatments to patients throughout Argentina and the United States. Throughout his 35 years in dentistry, Dr. Pelcman has becoming known as a top Buenos Aires dental implants provider.