Periodontal Care in Buenos Aires

Experienced Argentina dentist Dr. Samuel Pelcman understands that healthy gums lead to healthy teeth. He provides periodontal care to his dental patients to help them sustain the health and beauty of their smile.

What is Periodontology?

Periodontology is the branch of dentistry dedicated to the study of the supporting tissues of the teeth (this includes the periodontal ligament, the alveolar bone and gums). Diseases of the periodontium can cause problems such as bleeding gums, halitosis, mobility of the teeth, retraction of the gums, teeth sensitivity and, eventually, the loss of teeth. The most usual and the main culprit of these diseases is dental plaque. Periodontology solves these problems.


Periodontitis is the inflammation of the periodontium that causes a loss of alveolar bone and, thus, a loss of insertion of the teeth. Chronic periodontitis affects 80 percent of the adult population and dental plaque is its main culprit. The signs and symptoms of this disease are the above mentioned. As this disease progresses in time, the retraction of the gums along with the subsequent exposure of the roots becomes evident.

Periodontal Treatment – Root Planing & Scaling

The treatment consists of scaling and root planing, plus a re-education of the patient on dental hygiene. In some cases, surgeries are also performed in order to have access to sites that otherwise would be impossible to reach to perform the scaling and root planing, or for the patient to have access to perform acceptable hygiene. After the treatment, the sensitivity of teeth to cold or heat increases and the retraction of the gums becomes even more evident. The solution to this bothersome aesthetic and functional problem is a surgery that consists of adding bone so that it covers the exposed roots, and the periodontium is regenerated. This surgery is limited to certain types of bone loss and the case must be radiographically and clinically evaluated in order to know if it is applicable to a specific case.

Gingivitis Symptoms & Treatment

Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums. It is essentially the same disease as periodontitis, but without a loss of insertion of the tooth. Its symptoms include bleeding of the gums, change of color of the gums (red instead of pink), change of the normal shape of the gums and halitosis. The treatment for gingivitis is scaling and a re-education of the patient on dental hygiene.

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