Tooth Extractions in Buenos Aires

Wisdom tooth removal is one of the surgical procedures most frequently performed at Drs. Pelcman’s Buenos Aires cosmetic dentistry practice. The non-retained teeth surgeries are less traumatic than the retained teeth procedures. Consequently, the post-surgical period is less painful in the first case. Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Retained Teeth (Retained Wisdom Teeth)

Retained teeth are teeth that have not erupted at the time they were supposed to erupt due to a certain cause (malposition, lack of space, systemic diseases, etc.). They can cause many different problems such as infections, caries to the adjacent teeth (if they are partially erupted), pain, resorption of adjacent teeth, cysts, etc. The most frequent retained tooth of the arch is the third molar and, consequently, its extraction is advised.

Before Tooth Extraction surgery

Upon your arrival to Buenos Aires you will have an initial first consultation with Dr. Pelcman. In this appointment, you will get to meet Dr. Pelcman, the staff, the facilities, and all the pre-surgical studies will be performed.

During the Surgery

Anesthesia: the surgery for retained teeth is performed with local anesthesia and under sedation (if necessary).

In order to extract a retained wisdom tooth, an incision is done on the gums to expose the bone. The bone that covers the tooth is removed in order to expose the tooth. After the tooth is pulled , the incision is closed with stitches which will be removed 5 days after the surgery.

Wisdom Tooth Removal Recovery

Pain is usually low after this surgery if it is controlled with analgesics and an injection of corticoids. In order to reduce the inflammation, you can apply cold compresses on the face or you can eat ice-cream, trying to place it so that it melts on the wound (of course the ice-cream is a more entertaining choice). If antibiotics are prescribed, take them as indicated.

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